torsdag 25 april 2013

Speach of Maria

Here is a text written by my fantastic sister in Edinburgh, Scotland:

Whether or not an individual is forced to live in fear, faced by war and poverty is not determined by his/her actions but simply by the location of where he or she happens to be born.
People supporting the deportation of children to countries like Yemen must believe this is right: that children should have to live in a war zone because that was where they were born.
Do they ever stop to think that it could equally have been them… or their children?
Would they have felt the same way then or would they have believed, like I do, that children and good moral people should have the right to live in peace, wherever that place might be, despite of their birth location.
People cannot influence where they are born, but if they could what would our world be like? I think the world would unite in the fight against war and poverty to ensure all countries live in peace.

Written by Maria Eriksson, Edinburgh

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